Michael Lam

Phone Wand

Blind-accessible application on the Android phone that allows users to navigate walking routes using orientation and vibration feedback. A fun and educational senior capstone project demonstrating our aptitude for creative thinking, software engineering and technical presentation.

Developed in collaboration with Levi Lindsey and Chris Raastad (project group), Professor Richard Ladner and mentor Shiri Azenkot. Special thanks to Deborah Cook for live demoing, Ted Drake for accessibility advice, and all other Accessibility Capstone students for encouragement and exchange of ideas.

(Updated March 2011) This project was handed over to a graduate student. Check out her amazing work!



A fun demo video of our project. (Link fixed.)


Click on the image below to view the full-sized poster.

Future Work

This project was handed over to a graduate student for development into research work. As a fun and educational capstone project, we are no longer working on it or maintaining it.